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Do you give second chances? Maybe you will when it comes to this staple..

Mai 27, 2022 2 min lesen.

Do you give second chances? Maybe you will when it comes to this staple.. - OBLIVIOUS?

This isn't just any second chance: we're talking about White Button Down Shirts. To be exact: Upcycled Pre-Owned White Shirts - we alter them, you give them a new life.

We all know the fashion industry has a problem: its environmental impact. Not only the materials used, the processes & natural resources needed, but also the sheer amount produced is overwhelming. While the industry is starting to be more mindful, there is still a lot to do and a lot of greenwashing (overstating 'eco-conscious' details). We, as a small brand need to stay true to our aim of being more sustainable. You, as the consumer, can try and remember a few simple things when you're buying something:

- What material(s) is it made of?

- Is it made neatly / well made?

- How much wear will you get out of it?

- Where was it made / Was it made ethically?

- Is this something you will be able to wear for a long time to come?

- Do you have something similar?

As a small brand & one that is working more sustainably, we continuously seek out how to create something that has less of an impact on our environment, but also shines with its quality, design & uniqueness, while highlighting our main purpose: the power of questions in our lives.

With overproduction being ripe, we wanted to extend our Upcycled Collection: after our Upcycled Blazers, we're so excited to introduce our Upcycled White Button Down Shirts.

We've carefully selected pre-owned White Shirts that fit our standards (oversized, good condition, simple style, mainly cotton based), which is why there is only a limited quantity available for now. These Shirts will be Made-To-Order, as we have different options for you to choose from, but also to add another layer of responsibility: to only produce what is ordered and combat overproduction on another level.

Your choices: You can order these in a regular length or cropped. As always with our items, there are questions involved: these shirts are printed & available with 4 different questions. The Shirts are cleaned beforehand and all the upcycling is done by us in Germany. The label is printed inside. Oversized fit, but available in 3 different sizes. All items are unique, which is why length, fit and buttons can vary. 

White Shirts are not far from a staple in any wardrobe, especially in the summer. We wanted to make them a bit more fashion-forward & cool, but also a mixture between minimalism and a statement-piece. 

Hope to see you in one soon,



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