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Our take on the Gifting Season

Dezember 09, 2022 3 min lesen.

Our take on the Gifting Season - OBLIVIOUS?

We truly love giving gifts and putting a smile on someone's face, but that does sometimes involve some stress - finding the right thing that they would love and don't have, not just something to gift for the sake it.

If you're still looking for a gift or two for someone that is into fashion and loves a statement piece, let us make some suggestions: 


For your Best Friend:

Whether that is your platonic best friend, the love of your life or one of your family members, this Tee is sure to make a statement and show that you care. Based on the 1997 Study by Aron et al. researching how to increase feelings of closeness between two people, this T-Shirt is printed on the front and back with 36 Questions. Available in Black and White in our Boxy Cut Tee and in Grey / Sage Green in our Loose Tee. 100% Organic Cotton.

For the 'Cool Girl' - or really anyone in your life that is the coolest person you know: They might like one of our Upcycled pieces that we rework in Germany from pre-owned items. Our Blazers are embroidered with one of three questions and available cropped or in regular length and order via a pre-order model. Our White Shirts are available either cropped or in regular length and are printed with one of three questions - made to order.



For the Hoodie Lover in your life: 

You can never go wrong with a Hoodie.. oversized, comfy, soft and these make a statement too, while still being minimal. These three Easy Hoodies are our best sellers, but some might prefer one of our Velour Corset Hoodies for a more elevated look that doesn't compromise on comfort.

For the Confident one: For the one who always has the coolest outfit, the one that doesn't worry about other people's opinions and loves to make a statement, but in an understated way. Our Do I look like I Care Tee & Everyday Jacket really make a clear statement. The Dark Green Where will I end up today? T-Shirt is perfect for someone that takes everyday as a new adventure. 

For the 'Overthinker':

We've all done it - getting stuck in a cycle of overthinking and it sucks! While we're always happy to listen to a friend, this top could also be a comfy reminder for them to check on on themselves (- and prompt anyone that sees it to do so as well). This Long Sleeve Top is oversized, has thumb holes and is the perfect cross between a sweatshirt and a long sleeve top.

For someone you love, to make any of their Grey Days better:

We all know someone that sees the best in everything, the glass half full type of person. These Grey Tops are for them - with questions that will underline their personality and their positivity. The Flowy 'What if an impossibility is just a possibility you don't understand yet?', the 36 Questions for Closeness Tee and the 'If not now, when?' Tee.

And lastly..

A gift for the 'loves to choose their own present': One of of our Gift Cards - choose the amount you'd like to gift and give your loved one the chance to choose one of our products that they love the most & identify with.



Wishing you happy holidays - Team OBLIVIOUS? xx 

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