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HOUSE OF COCO Feature & interview on OBLIVIOUS? and the positive power of questions

Juli 22, 2022 1 min lesen.

HOUSE OF COCO Feature & interview on OBLIVIOUS? and the positive power of questions - OBLIVIOUS?

“Curiosity means we are open to learning something new,” says founder Jacqueline Mozanowski as she tells us about the unique, introspective ethos that informs OBLIVIOUS?"

- what an intro!

We were so happy to be featured by House of Coco last year and wanted to share a bit of the article with you. If you'd like to read the whole thing, please click here.


The interview was a lovely way for us to introduce OBLIVIOUS?

Jacquie (one of the co-owners) answered the questions and spoke about curiosity and what we aim to do with our Brand:

"Curiosity means we are open to learning something new and openness leads to a more positive mindset and hopefulness. Curiosity helps us grow and develop and to not get stuck in a routine that we might not even be entirely happy with, but to be an active participant in your own life. We seek to inspire others to ask themselves more questions, to understand themselves better, but also to ask others more questions. Research shows that our relationships can be improved by asking more questions and it’s such an easy tool to show interest and create a closer bond with someone. "

The interview also touches on how and why we started OBLIVIOUS?, our sustainability approach, why we use questions and what's good and bad about working with your mother / daughter.


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