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Upcycling: using something already made (in our case pre-owned blazers) and giving it a new life by reworking the item, helping it remain in circulation and not head to landfill.

We’re so excited to have launched a new product and one that incorporates another way of working more sustainably: Upcycled Blazers. After selling out of our limited run of these Blazers and the interest by you guys, we have opened up pre-orders for our upcycled Blazers with our most popular embroidered Questions from the first drop.

We have had this idea for a while, but didn't want to rush into such a different range of products right away.. It has been nearly a year of running OBLIVIOUS?, which is why we felt more confident to introduce a different product, with a different sustainability approach. Adding to that, like the rest of our products, an oversized Blazer is an easy to wear and easy to style item that can be taken from day to night, while being comfortable and fashion-forward - so we felt it fit right into our collection.

Fashion waste & clothing going to landfill is a huge problem - especially since many items are often still absolutely fine, might actually be recyclable or weren't of good quality in the first place so people feel they are more disposable. Whatever the reasons, we wanted to find a way to highlight this. Instead of creating something completely new, we always loved the idea of working with something that is already in existence and adding a twist & Blazers just seemed to be our ideal project.

As we are using Pre-Owned Blazers, each item is unique. We aim to source Blazers that are in excellent condition, to be able to create a long-lasting and unique items for you. Our Blazers are meant to fit oversized, however you can choose an approximate size for pre-orders (read more in the item description). We use plastic free embroidery thread, as we try to avoid using plastics as much as we can. 

Introducing an alternate way to be more sustainable, upcycling these Blazers enables us to create unique pieces for you with a message, that are cool and kind to the planet. 

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