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We're part of the 'Renoon' E-Gift Card

Dezember 09, 2021 1 min lesen.

We're part of the 'Renoon' E-Gift Card - OBLIVIOUS?

We have partnered up with Renoon.com, who just announced their E-Gift Card 'Reduce Waste, Gift with Purpose'.

Their idea came from the fact that choosing gifts for all of our family and friends isn't easy, but most of all, Christmas isn't a sustainable holiday.

Their E-Gift card can be used on 30+ Sustainable Brands, which are either pre-loved, rental or made with sustainability in mind. 

This is what they've mentioned on their website:

"According to research done by the waste management company Biffa, “every Christmas, the amount of waste produced in the U.K. increases 30 percent. That includes an estimated 365,000 kilometers of unrecyclable wrapping paper — enough to wrap around the equator nine times — and 1 billion cards that end up in the bin.” Really makes you reconsider our shopping habits during the holidays, huh?

To help you avoid this during the Holiday season, we have created the Renoon e-Gift Card– a card with access to 30+ brands, where your loved ones can redeem from Renoon-approved brands. The best way to give a gift that gives back."

Give someone the gift of choosing their own gift:

Renoon E-Gift Card

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