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Why should we ask others more questions?

January 24, 2022 1 min read

Why should we ask others more questions?

If you're looking to create better relationships, platonic or romantic, being a good listener and asking more questions will be essential and will help you build a foundation for a genuine relationship.

In order for this to be easily implemented, we think this is the main thing to keep in mind:
Try and ask questions about things you are truly curious about and that can't be answered with a simple yes or no to invite the other person to share more openly and suspend judgement to let the conversations flow.

Listen & be curious



So, what exactly are the positive aspects of asking more questions?

asking more questions will help you


Also, research by Harvard Scientists suggests that asking more questions (especially follow-up questions) is linked to increased liking. Asking more follow-up questions signals the other person that you are listening, interested and that you care, which will better the conversation and strengthen or build up your relationship with them. Humans like talking about themselves, so asking questions helps others talk about themselves and will make you seem like a great conversationalist. Obviously, asking questions helps build up new relationships, as it helps to learn more about the other person and what you have in common and creates more understanding, however this also pertains to existing relationships and can deepen those. 

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