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The Mother-Daughter Duo behind OBLIVIOUS?

May 05, 2023 2 min read

The Mother-Daughter Duo behind OBLIVIOUS? - OBLIVIOUS?
The mother and daughter duo is back: 

We thought we’d check in with you and give a little insight into why we created OBLIVIOUS? and some little facts and details that have been part of our journey so far!

We created OBLIVIOUS? after an eye-opening conversation about the power of questions in our lives - how asking more of them can help us create closer relationships, harness our creativity, learn more about ourselves and the world around us (and so much more).

Combined with our love for fashion OBLIVIOUS? was 'born':

We wanted to harness the power of the ‘Slogan T-Shirt’ and its history (from political to cutesy statements), as well as the general psychology of fashion - the way we dress can very well be a reflection of ourselves, how we feel and what we want to portray or say to the world.

OBLIVIOUS? Provides a twist to the typical slogan Tee - instead of a slogan, there’s a question, which can not only be interpreted freely, but also hopefully becomes thought-provoking, a conversation starter, or a simple reminder. Simultaneously, it underlines the power of questions in general - how they catch our attention and keep our focus. - Research actually shows how questions trigger a mental reflex that makes us automatically want to answer the question and look for answers. We think that’s pretty cool. 


But - we didn’t just want to create T-Shirts, but casual wear that is elevated: by creating oversized items, A-line Flowy tops, straight cut & corset hoodies, which are all made responsibly in Europe (from organic cotton). We started adding in our Upcycled items, such as Blazers, shirts and shorts, a year after our launch - these are reworked in Germany and this has created a new way for us to work more responsibly.


We use a mix of questions for our products - some of which are very straight forward, some that act as statements and some which require a bit more attention. Our Bestseller ‘who cares what other people think?’ could definitely be seen as a statement, but our intention behind it was to remind you to actually ask yourself the question and remind yourself that others do not pay as much attention to you as you think, they are probably occupied with themselves or don’t care as much. Also, people-pleasing isn’t the end-all - you deserve to be your authentic self and not let others opinions hold you back. 

We like to think of our items as minimalist and modern, while still making a statement. 

As you know, it is also our aim to be ‘more’ sustainable - meaning doing whatever we can as a small brand to be less harmful to our planet. We are currently supporting this by using pre-order models, made to order and small batch production, as well as our 100% GOTS organic cotton fabric and our upcycling efforts. One step at a time.

Our goal is to inspire you to ask more questions - 

will you give it a try? 



Drawing by @byynancyy - please do check her out, we love her work!


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