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Our aim was to make our whole operation as responsible as we could at this stage of our start-up fashion brand:

- All garments in our casual wear collection are made from 100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton and are manufactured in Europe.

For our 2nd collection we managed to get the fabric made close to our manufacturing facility in Portugal, so that we can reduce emissions between production steps.

- While we always produce in small quantities, our first collection was pre-printed straight after production and for our 2nd collection, we have moved on to on-demand printing (usually 2-5 days are needed to make our on demand products) and embroidery for our Upcycled Blazers (Pre-orders take around 3-4 weeks) - reducing the risk of overproduction.

- Instead of using a label inside the garments, we opted for all of the information (size, washing instructions) to be printed on the inside of our garments.

- Our hangtags are made from FSC certified paper, which is made from ecf pulp - making it recyclable and biodegradable.

- Our packaging is made from corrugated cardboard with at least 90% recycled properties - We also use recycled paper-tape to keep your orders firmly closed until they arrive with you.

We describe our brand aim for sustainability by using the term 'responsible', as we are aware that there is currently no way to be a 100% sustainable. Nonetheless, we aim to continue bettering ourselves! . As a brand, we have implemented certain rules spanning our whole line of production up until the product is received by you.

If you'd like to know more, please visit our SUSTAINABILITY page.


Stuttgart, Germany.

Shipping costs might vary on where you are ordering from. If you are outside the EU, please note that you might have to pay import duty - we are not responsible for those. Return shipping costs are also paid by you - why? As a small business we cannot carry the costs of this and we hope this also inspires more conscious shipping. Read more about shipping & returns here.

We have decided on a general shipping fee within Germany, a set fee for EU deliveries, a set fee for parcels to the UK and another set fee for International shipping. This ensures that the shipping costs we have to pay to send you your item(s) are mostly covered by you, while still keeping it simple and fair to both you as our customer and ourselves. As we are a small company, we do not have any special rates and pay normal shipping fees - the same fees you would have to pay to send a parcel.

Yes you can return your item*, as long as the item is unworn and the tag has not been removed. *We do not take returns for Upcycled Pieces, only exchanges.

We do not cover return costs currently. As a small company, we hope to offer this at some point, but cannot currently provide it.

If we do receive an item that has been worn or is otherwise not in the condition we sent it in, we will not be able to accept your return. We will carefully evaluate all items and have the final say in this matter.

We are happy to exchange your item to another size or another style, as long as it matches the original item's price - otherwise we will email you with further steps for refunds or additional payments.

If you ever worry about sizing, do feel free to message us before you order.

Please refer to our ‘Shipping and Returns’ page for more information. If you want to issue an exchange, email us:

We can only exchhange if the item(s) sent back to us are unworn and not damaged.


If you want to access the size guide, click here

Being a start-up and having to start small, means that we can’t yet produce the range of sizes that we would like to accommodate for. We are currently only able to offer sizes S, M and L, as well as XS and XL in some of our newer items.
Nonetheless, all of our garments are oversized (some more and some less), so we believe the sizes we carry fit a wider range of body types - please feel free to reach out to us if you don’t know what size to get.

For some of our Upcycled items we can take special requests for smaller or bigger sizes as well - message us before hand please.

We carefully source and select pre owned items by a certain standard that we have set ourselves:

- No holes, stains or damage to the item should be visible, apart from occasional minor snags (or similar) - we tend to source items without any faults to make sure you have a renewed product that feels new in all aspects. We then embellish them with a question by using embroidery or printing techniques & we also add our labels and hang tags. Our Upcycled products are unique, as each pre-owned item is different - meaning that we make it specifically for you. Please note that colours and cuts of items can vary from the images. Please leave a note if you have a preference.

Support Small Business Female-founded brand
Easy and Free Exchanges (EU only)
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Support Small Business Female-founded brand
Easy and Free Exchanges (EU only)
Get Free Shipping Orders 250€+ Orders over 250€ (EU only)