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Did you know OBLIVIOUS? was founded by a Mother-Daughter Duo?

April 20, 2023 1 min lesen.

Did you know OBLIVIOUS? was founded by a Mother-Daughter Duo? - OBLIVIOUS?


Let us (re-)introduce ourselves,

we're Romi and Jacquie, a mother and daughter team from Stuttgart, Germany & we're the people behind OBLIVIOUS?

Funnily enough we've heard quite a few responses to that, ranging from 'oh really that sounds so cool' to 'I could never work with my mum!' & that is understandable. For us, it works!

We actually do have a lot of things in common - after all our similar style, interest in Fashion and curiosity (we do both ask a lot of questions..) brought our Brand to life.
Our relationship is tight-knit, but leaves space for individuality.
Seeing the same vision, but adding & mixing our individual ideas, makes our Brand what it is - a way to inspire others to ask more questions, act as conversation starters, be thought-provoking and deliver fashion-forward items that are comfortable, stylish and are more sustainable & also.. make you feel good just being yourself.
Here are a few fun facts about us:


We'd love to give you a bit more insight into our journey and hope to 'see you soon' - sign up for our Email Newsletter to follow along and to get to know us better.

xx Romi & Jacquie

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