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Spontaneity or stability?

Our Double Hem Long Sleeve with ‘Spontaneity or Stability?’ print.  


Spontaneity or stability?

Which do you value more; spontaneity or stability? Are you aiming for more of one of the two? Why do you think you want on more than the other? We need stability to feel safe and comfortable. Nonetheless, without some spontaneity, there would be too little excitement in our lives - we need to follow our curiosity at times.

May we suggest to just go with the flow? That’s where the magic happens.

About The Product

100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton

Print: water-based ink

Label & washing instructions printed inside

Hangtag is fully recycled cardboard

Eco-friendly packaging made from recycled cardboard

Small batch production

Made in Europe


Model is wearing size L. Straight-cut long sleeve with a faux double hem. Regular sizing. Stick to own size or size up for an oversized look. Please note: this product is not oversized like the rest of our products.