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Valentine's Day Picks

February 06, 2023 1 min read

Valentine's Day Picks - OBLIVIOUS?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner - this is what we’re considering to wear for the ‘day of love’ (no matter your opinion on the holiday, we’ve considered the right question to go with it):


1. 'Can we just skip the small talk?' White Flowy T-shirt. 100% GOTS Organic Cotton. Flowy A-line cut. Oversized. Made to order.

 can we skip the small talk T-Shirt organic cotton

2. 36 Questions for Closeness T-Shirts: Boxy Tee in White or Black or our Easy Tee in grey/sage green. Both are oversized. Printed with the full 1997 study by Aron et al. that inspired the New York Times article 'How to fall in love with anyone?'. Made from 100% GOTS organic cotton.

36 questions to fall in Love with anyone for closeness T-Shirts organic cotton


3. Upcycled cropped White Shirt with 'If not me, who? If not now, when?' print. Made to order. Reworked in Germany.

Upcycled cropped white shirt 'If not me, who? If not now, when?'


4. White Loose T-Shirt with 'Do I look like I care?' print on the front and back. Oversized T-Shirt. Unisex. 100% GOTS Organic Cotton.

do I look like I care white oversized T-Shirt

All T-Shirts are from our Cut&Sew Production and are made from GOTS Organic Cotton. While we have a small amount of 36 Questions for closeness T-Shirts in stock, the other two are made on demand. The Upcycled white shirt is also made to order. We manufacture in Portugal and rework items in Germany - combining two different ways of working more sustainably as a fashion brand. 

What will you wear?

Get 14% off our V-Day picks* with code: LOVERSASK

*all products in this blog but the upcycled cropped shirt

P.S.: No matter how you spend your day, don't forget to show yourself the same love that you show others.


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