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What inspires our Designs?

November 23, 2021 2 min read

What inspires our Designs? - OBLIVIOUS?

Yes, our brands purpose is conveying the power of questions, however we are also a fashion brand that wants to create their own pieces with their own distinct style. We design and create all of our pieces in conjunction with our manufacturers in Portugal. 


To describe our style, we'd say it's based on easy basics with a twist, providing comfort while being modern and minimalist and aiming to be more eco-friendly as a fashion brand. 

We wanted to create pieces that could be worn day to night, at home or out for lunch, due to their quality, comfort and style and of course the message: a question on each item to inspire more curiosity and inspire people to ask more questions, to make a statement and spark conversations. 



Let us illustrate with a scenario that one of our Co-Founders found herself in recently:

"I went out for dinner with a close friend that was visiting me and met up with two of her friends. After making some initial conversation I was asked about what I do on a daily basis, so I shared that I had started a fashion brand with my mother. My friend was quick to point out that I was wearing my own shirt. We started talking about the '36 Questions for Closeness' T-Shirt that I was wearing and I explained it was based on a study in the 90's by Aron et al about accelerating feelings of closeness between people, that some people claim it can make people  fall in love, which it was featured for in the New York Times in 2015 with the title 'To fall in love with anyone, do this'. This then led to these 3 woman wanting to read some of the questions. I tried to show them my T-Shirt and one of them suggested we ask each other some of these questions and everyone answers. We ended up doing this for a good hour and learnt so much about each other even though we hadn't all met each other before. It sparked some super interesting conversations that we probably wouldn’t have had otherwise.

This is an example of what we want to inspire with OBLIVIOUS? - all while helping you look cool at the same time. 


Oh, also!

While we do carry women's and men's pieces that are different in sizing, we do not believe fashion has a gender. Our pieces are all slightly oversized and while our sizing is currently still limited, we feel that the sizes available cater to a bigger spectrum than usual.







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