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Why do we focus on questions?

October 11, 2021 1 min read

Why do we focus on questions?

Questions are powerful.

You might wonder: how and why are they powerful?  

What is the benefit of knowing they are? ⁠

When our brain thinks about the answer to a question, we can’t contemplate anything else.⁠
When we are asked a question, our brain is stimulated and releases serotonin, which relaxes the brain to help us find the best answer. This is when your brain releases dopamine, which either motivates us to find an answer or we fear giving a wrong answer - this mental reflex is called instinctive elaboration. ⁠

Learning how to ask better (& more) questions can help us in many areas of life: ⁠
- closer relationships: asking more questions means more exchange of information and finding common topics, but also builds trust.⁠
- self-reflection: asking ourselves more questions can help us understand what we really want in life and live by those values. ⁠
- understand & learn more about the world around us.⁠
- make better decisions: by challenging biases and assumptions.⁠

Research also shows that we are more likeable when we ask more questions.⁠

We wanted to highlight this power and inspire YOU to be more curious, as well as create conversations and inner dialogue.⁠


This blog post ist based on one of our Instagram posts (click here to see).

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