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What if those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter? Upcycled Blazer

Upcycled Blazer in Grey with electric blue velvet-textured print on the back 'WHAT IF THOSE WHO MATTER DON'T MIND AND THOSE WHO MIND DON'T MATTER?'. 

Limited stock available - if we have run out of a certain size you can place a pre-order instead.

To place an Order: Please use the standard buttons to check if we have your size in stock and to order your item. If we do not have the items in stock, please click on the Pre-Order button to order. These take 3-4 weeks to be sent out. Pre-orders get 10% discount.

Please note: As each Blazer is unique, the Blazers might be made from different materials and the shade of grey might differ - it can be lighter or darker. Please leave a note if you have a preference. 

Shipping & Returns: Please refer to this page. Shipped from Stuttgart, Germany.  




What if those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter? Upcycled Blazer

Upcycling: using something already made (in our case pre-owned blazers) and giving it a new life by reworking the item, helping it remain in circulation and not head to landfill.

Details: Fabric composition unknown, as this is an altered pre-owned garment. Our labels are printed on the inside of the Blazer. The embroidery done using 100% natural rayon viscose threads. Embroidery in White.

About The Product

General info about our upcycled Blazers:
As we are using Pre-Owned Blazers, each item is unique. As each Blazer is unique, the Blazers might be made from different materials and the shade of grey might differ. This print is more delicate than our embroidery, so please treat this item with care. Our Label in printed inside.

Introducing an alternate way to be more sustainable, upcycling these Blazers enables us to create unique pieces for you with a message, that are cool and kind to the planet.

If you have any special requests, please put it in the notes section before ordering - we can try and accommodate blazer colour & size, as well as embroidery colour requests. We will get back to you regarding your request as soon as we can after you've placed a pre-order. Otherwise please message us beforehand to find out what we can do for you.

Pre-Orders take 3-4 weeks. In stock items are sent out within 7 days.

We do not accept returns on Upcycled items, only exchanges or store credit. Please read more about shipping, returns, customs etc on our Shipping and Returns page.


Fit: is meant to fit oversized. As we are sourcing Pre-owned Blazers for this product, we cannot give a guaranteed Size Guide, but we estimate our Sizes S, M and L by looking at the original size of the garment, measurements and fit. We will try our best to accommodate the Size you choose.

Size Guide:
S: Sizes EU 34-36 / UK: 6-8. Oversized on 34-36, more fitted on 38.
M: Sizes EU 38-40 / UK 10-12. Oversized on Sizes 38-40, more fitted on 42.
L: Sizes 40-42/ UK 12-14. Oversized on Sizes 40-42, more fitted on 44.
XL: Sizes 44+ / UK 16+ Oversized on Sizes 42-44, more fitted 46+. If you have any specific size requirements, please leave a note / comment or message us.