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There's an OBLIVIOUS? E-Gift Card?

Dezember 12, 2021 1 min lesen.

There's an OBLIVIOUS? E-Gift Card? - OBLIVIOUS?
Gifting is not that easy - sometimes having someone choose their own gift can be just THE solution!
So, are you looking for Christmas gift ideas that are not boring? Are you looking for a sustainable gift?
Either way, we've just launched our own E-Gift Card in our shop for the following amounts:
25€, 50€, 100€, 150€
Whether you know someone that has been eyeing an OBLIVIOUS? piece, want to show someone a new small brand, know someone that loves asking questions or someone that should ask more of them or just want to shop small this Christmas, this could be the gift option for you. 
For any custom amounts, please contact us on instagram.
Happy Holidays from the OBLIVIOUS? Team xx

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