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What are you overthinking right now?

Our Flowy Long Sleeve with 'What are you overthinking right now?' print. 

What are you overthinking right now?

Sometimes we seem to get caught up in our thinking and spiral into a direction that is tainted by emotions such as fear or doubt. When we try to be mindful of when this happens, we are already one step ahead.

While asking enough questions is important, we believe that there is too much of a good thing, too. Sometimes we need to refocus and be in the here and now instead of falling into the trap of 'overthinking'.

We hope you take good care of yourself.

About The Product

100% GOTS certified Organic Cotton

Print: water-based ink

Label & washing instructions printed inside

Hangtag made from recycled cardboard

Eco-friendly packaging made from recycled cardboard

Small batch production

Made in Europe


Model is wearing size S. Flowy Long Sleeve, arms are extra long and feature a thumbhole. Very Oversized for the draping effect of the fabric. Stick to your own size or size down.